Big Small Print Show  5November-1 December

This is a joint exhibition of small prints by Impress Printmakers and Griffith University Printmakers Club. 
Where : Lust for Life Gallery, 176 Wickham Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
When : Exhibition open from 5 November - 1 December 2012.  Open 7 days 7am - 5pm.

An exhibition curated by Cathy Money from Queensland & Juliana Joos who resides in Quebec,Canada. Each artist will be working in their chosen media to examine the overarching theme of water. The selected participants for the QQ print exchange are:
David Nixon
Eunkyoung Moon-Back
Glenda Orr
Jay Dee Dearness
Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura
Jude Roberts
Judith Borrick
Karen Kaese
Paula Quintela
Sandra Pearce
Water Portraits will be exhibited in Canada this year 2011 & POP Gallery Griffith University  Brisbane in 2012


An inaugural folio print & exhibition for the opening of Impress Printmakers Studio & Gallery at Kedron
We encourage all members of Impress Printmakers Studio, to participate in this auspicious inaugural exhibition that will be part of the official opening at Kedron Substation # 8
Co-ordinators:  Glenda Orr (glendaor@bigpond.net.au) & Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura
Dates:  August 2012 (exact opening day to be confirmed later in the year)

Expression of Interest due:  1 MAY 2012
Entry Fee due: 30 MAY 2012
Guidelines for Impress Members:

·        Theme:  Works can be loosely based on:
o   the title  - new beginners, new growth, rejuvenation
o   the regeneration of the building from the generation of power for the tramways to a print studio (and its uses between i.e. SES headquarters prior to Impress) the rebuild & retrofit
o   the regeneration of printmaking in Australia and internationally
o   anything related to the machinery of printmaking and the substation (i.e. the gantry in the building and the press wheels)
A visit to the tramways museum (50 Tramway St Ferny Hills Ph: 07 3351 1776) is recommended.
Size/no of works:  All works will be on paper supplied by Impress (Magnani Incisioni white 300gsm) that will be cut to size (35 x 25 cm – NOTE SLIGHTLY SMALLER THAN PREVIOUSLY STATED) and supplied by Impress by MID JULY (or earlier if need be by request to Glenda Orr) . Please note that the print can be any size or direction on the paper including a ‘bleed’ print.
·        You are only required to provide 6 prints, 1 for display and 5 extra of the edition as a donation for 5 folio boxes. These boxes will be for the following – we will be seeking interest from significant public collections (eg Brisbane City Council, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery or National Gallery of Australia) to acquire 2 folio boxes, Impress will keep 1 box in our archives and sell 2 boxes to raise funds to help establish the new gallery at Kedron. You can print a larger edition (eg 10) if you wish to have additional work for sale.
·        Impress will cut paper to size and provide packs of paper with 2 spare papers to artists on their registration, acceptance and payment of fees. Additional paper can be purchased from Impress at $10 per full Magnani sheet (100 x 70 cm = 8 papers). Other paper brands/colours cannot be used for this edition.
·        Participation Fee:  To cover costs for invitations, postage, paper, opening night catering & 5 folio boxes, the participation fee is estimated at $40/person.  This figure may change slightly depending on numbers & more detail costing which is to be finalised in Mid May 2012. There will be a 20% commission on sales (patron artists are excempt from fee). This fee is due by 30 May 2012. Please pay by direct deposit or Paypal as follows:
·        Direct Deposit to Impress Printmakers NAB Account
BSB                             084-293
Account                       56 900 5439
Reference                   REGEN_YourName
Please quote ‘REGEN’ and then the initial of your first name and full last name e.g.REGEN_GORR for Glenda Orr’s participation fee deposit
·        Paypal via http://impress.org.au/payments.html
·        Delivery of 1 display & 5 donated prints will be required by mid July 2012 (due to shifting studio location, drop off location will be confirmed closer to date).
·         All works submitted must be, signed, dated and titled clearly in pencil. If your work is a bleed print, this information needs to be clearly recorded on the back of the work
·        Please be aware that participation will be required to help with at least one task such as staffing the gallery for half day session or with hanging, opening night or dehanging the exhibition unless the participant lives outside the greater Brisbane area in which case an online task may be found.  Further information on this along with a volunteer’s task list will be sent out closer to the event.
·        Any queries please email Glenda Orr (glendaor@bigpond.net.au)

·        Please complete the EOI form on the following page by 1 MAY 2012. 
Thank you for your participation.
Glenda and Jenny

An exciting print exchange of original contemporary prints is currently being organised by Impress president Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura with a number of print studios around the Pacific Ocean. Each print studio will select up to five artists, each to make an edition (or series) of 12 (or more) prints (paper size A4), 10 that will be distributed to the other participating 10 countries, the remaining prints for will be for sale at each exhibition. Each country would be responsible for finding a venue and financing to exhibit in their respective countries. In Queensland, Impress will host the Vie de Pacifique/Pacific Life exhibition at our new Impress studio Gallery in December/January 2012-13 to coincide with the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial. Other countries involved could stage their exhibitions simultaneously or pending the availability of their venues. Submit your EOI's by August 30,2011 to jsanzaro@optusnet.com.au
An event to coincide with the opening of the new studio. Yes indeed its big machines printing one continuous piece of matrix producing a monolith print.  Its a family & community exercise with involvement from the local Kedron community, Schools & a community group yet to be announced so stay tuned until details are finalised.

Please donate works on paper to raise funds for the new studio
Theme: Songs From A Room
 Size: A4 OR 12cm x 12cm
Medium:Prints, drawings or collage
Open call: ongoing for all Impress members; with all proceeds going toward the club
Contact:  karenkaese@yahoo.com


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