Report from the President - Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura
Dear Members,

I apologise for the length of time between reports, the last two months have been extremely hectic with the finalisation of the building works at Kedron and the launch, organising the hang (and de-hang) of three Vie De Pacifique exhibitions and travelling to the USA to exhibit there. Plus there has been the added burden of a much heavier teaching load this semester.

We have reached a very significant goal in Impress history- the move into Kedron SubARTStation our own facility. We can now operate freely from our premises and continue to grow and evolve as an organisation. Without you, the general members, all the hardworking people on the committee and various sub-committees, some very dedicated volunteers and working groups this could never have been achieved. So I thank each and every one of you, as we have a fantastic facility that can only get better with time and the continued use and dedication of its members.

The Kedron SubARTStation has brought much excitement to our members and the community. It has been a hive of activity since the opening on Feb 21st. I am sure that this facility will be well utilised as there has been huge interest generated and people are coming to the venue in a constant stream. Visitors that come to the building, art lovers, other artists and arts organisations are all expressing their excitement to us. The volunteer staff keep telling me about the excitement of visitors when they see what we have achieved. They are leaving inspired that the Council has been so supportive and that we now have this facility in Brisbane to share with printmakers of South East Queensland and the community. The feedback has been very positive and we have had many enquiries about how to go about securing such a venue.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank personally some of the key people from Impress that have put in an extraordinary amount of time, effort and energy into the transition from Kalinga Bowls Club to Kedron SubARTStation, some of whom I missed thanking on the night of the launch and I would like to acknowledge them now. A huge thank you goes to Gwenn Tasker who coordinated and organised volunteers for packing and the move from Kalinga to Kedron, the unpacking and organisation of the studio at Kedron, the clean-up at Kalinga and pre- launch clean at Kedron. Gwenn also organised a myriad of small tasks whilst coordinating all of the above and always puts up her hand to help despite a heavy workload. Another massive thank you goes to John Doyle, who put in two weeks straight working on the gallery walls and movable boxes as well as helping with the move of the presses and studio organisation and a number of other tasks along the way. I sincerely thank Pat Zuber and her team for their efforts in fundraising, publicity and marketing the event plus coordinating the volunteers for various jobs for the launch and move. I earnestly thank Sandra for picking up the reigns of the treasurer position yet again and coordinating the payments for the finalisation of all of the building and fit-out costs, catalogue and other expenses associated with the launch and move plus helping coordinate the Month of Print. I thank Jen Conde for keeping the members up to date on what needed to be done and sending out information, callouts for volunteers through the newsletter plus updating and maintaining the website. I really thank Carolyn Craig for her efforts in coordinating and organising the workshop program, workshops and artist talks for the Month of Print as well as inductions into Kedron. I also thank Glenda Orr, Sue Pickford and Kristina Hall for organising the procedures for the launch, the catering and wine, the invitations and catalogue, coordinating the hang of Regenerate and a team of volunteers to man the gallery. I also thank Angela Gardner for her great job as MC at the launch and once again our dear member Ellie Neilsen for her very generous donation for the lights. Last but not least I thank all of our wonderful volunteers (and anyone else I have omitted) who have tirelessly helped with everything, donated or contributed along the way; it is people like you that give our organisation its great community spirit.

The AGM is coming up soon and I will not be re-nominating as president or for a committee position, I think I have achieved what I set out to do as president (getting us a venue) and feel that six years in the role is long enough, it is time for new blood. I will however be there to support the incoming president and committee until they feel confident to proceed without me. I encourage you to step forward if you think you can contribute or have the experience needed to fill one of the roles on the committee.

I am told that we are getting many more new members since the move into Kedron and I wish to welcome those members to our community and hope that you may have a long and fulfilling art practice through the use of Impress SubARTStation facility. I also hope that you can learn and share skills and techniques with other members and just enjoy making wonderful art. You and our existing members are the reason our organisation exists. 

Lastly the Impress Folio box Vie De Pacifique which I have been coordinating since 2011, has now gone to its fifth venue, the Crane Arts Center in Philadelphia, USA.  It is being shown with a joint exhibition between fellow member Jude Roberts and I, Aquifer (Jude’s work) and Undermining Landscape (my work). The opening night was March 13th and we received very good feedback from the public. Here is a link to the catalogue It will soon be exhibited in the Impress Printmakers Gallery for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Thank you all,
Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura


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