15 September, 2012

Wonder Cabinet Workshop with Liz Powell - November 3&4

Artists, painters, book artists, printmakers…are you interested in doing a weekend workshop, Nov 3 &4, making a creative or innovative container complete with drawers and doors which house a series of small books you will make?  You are invited to bring along some of your art, paintings, drawings to use in the small books if you wish. 

This is a most exciting project and your design ideas can be accommodated! It's not crucial to have prints or images for this workshop.

Liz Powell has held exhibitions of her book works and paper (her passion) in several states and teaches workshops which engage in conversations between the content and structure of each individual’s art practice. An excellent article of her work, Library of Atlas, is in the current issue of Textile Fibre Forum.

Day I consists of designing and starting the cabinet/container in the morning the afternoon is an exploration of some book forms that may suit and extend ideas including: the folded bundle book, miniature tunnels, theatre boxes, Tibetan binding, figure eight hinge binding, conical pocket books.

Day 2 involves completing the final elements of the container as well as working on some quick drawing exercises working from personal reference material or from prints you bring along and how these may be best applied to the design of the books you make.

Times: 9.30 - 4.00
Location:  The Art Shed, Montague Rd, West End
Cost: $110 per day (2 day workshop)
Payments are to be made in advance so we can secure both the tutor and a venue, and can be made via cheque to:  Linda Douglas,  or as an EFT to:
BSB 014309 Account number 546069923                                                                        
(above) Dark of the Moon 

Liz has extensive experience in helping you to create the cabinet of your imagination so please come along with some ideas and your prints or drawings. Beginners or advanced are welcome.

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