23 June, 2014

Impress June Newsletter

 Catch up on the latest Impress News by reading the newsletter;we publish once a month so if you are a member why not submit items to publicise your show or event.
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If you have not received one & you are a member let karen know at impressmembers@gmail.com otherwise please check your membership renewal date as mail chimp tends to drop names immediately.
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18 June, 2014

Bribie Island workshop for Impress Printmakers

Recently artist Wayne Singleton completed a workshop for Impress Printmakers at Bribie Island in Queensland. The workshop was a complete success. Great participants , all worked hard and had a good time. At an Impress workshop you will learn excellent new skills with enthusiastic professional tutors.  Impress has workshops coming up for the substation location however we also provide off site gems according to need. Participation in workshops is a great way to meet other members and expand your art practice in a supportive and inclusive environment so why not join us today to enjoy the member discounts & working within our new space.

16 June, 2014

Cleaning Volunteers Wanted

We are trying to set up a roster for cleaning of the Kedron studio, to reduce the burden on the few who so generously volunteer now.We sent out a request just before the AGM for cleaning volunteers. Unfortunately there wasn't  sufficient response to be able to make a roster. The more volunteers, the less frequent the need. We are imagining that members could work in pairs. With two people, it should take approximately an hour, probably less. We are attaching a form to complete. If you already have someone you would like to work with, please talk to them and put your partner name  on the form. If not,  we will  try to match available times to find a a partner. We look forward to hearing from you.
Email Paula or Gwenn

13 June, 2014

President Report From Kristina Hall

President Report from Kristina Hall

Dear Members
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the new team and myself in this newsletter as well as update you on the progress of our new premises. We are now entering a new chapter in the life of Impress in our own premises. This of course brings new challenges and issues. We are now in our tenth year and hope to continue on for many more with the support of our membership.

The new Management Committee consists of Ellie Neilsen as Vice president, Stephen Cronin as Secretary, Astrid Moss as Education and Workshop Coordinator, Karen Kaese as Membership Communications Coordinator and Paula Quintela as Studio Coordinator. There are three extra Committee positions, these are held by Jude Roberts, Tim Mosely and Margaret Wilson. We regret that family issues have meant that our Treasurer, Angela Gardner will be spending some time away in the UK and as a result has resigned from the position. Our thoughts are with her at this time. Sue Pickford, who was elected for the position of Exhibition Coordinator, has taken up the position of acting Treasure until we are able to find a replacement. There will be a callout for the positions of Treasurer and /or Exhibition Coordinator.

We began the month with a few glitches that are now hopefully rectified. Our website wasn’t functioning effectively, particularly the membership page for renewals. I am happy to say this page is now functioning and members can renew their membership. The Blog and Facebook page are also other places where members can stay in touch with what is happening.

The Studio is coming along with the near completion of the Screen-printing area and repair of three presses. I would like to thank Paula Quintela, Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, John Doyle, Gwenn Tasker and Carolyn Craig for their work in the studio. The Lithographic presses have been repaired and are ready for use. Members can gain knowledge and skills in Lithography in the workshop run by Claudia Husband. The middle size etching press is also on the way to being functional.

With many of the teething problems of moving into a new facility become resolved we can look forward to having many members involved in the studio and workshops creating prints. Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery is a community based arts organisation run by its members for its members, we are all Impress. I would also like to announce that around October we will be having a members exhibition and you will soon be receiving an expression of interest for Impressions Eight.

Kristina Hall

Pictured above in blue top is Kristina demonstrating Solar Plate etching during Impress Month Of Print in March 2014
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